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How to become a UI/UX designer?


I am Abul Bashar Bhuiyan, an UI/UX designer from Bangladesh. I am known in Fiverr by the name of ui_bashar. And today I will be going to talk about how to become a successful UI/UX designer and make the most out of your designing career.

I thought a deeper into my story will let my fellow designers who are just beginning know the struggles and the path to follow that can help them achieve success in their designing career.

So I will talk about two things in particular.

  1. My background and my transition into this career

  2. What you need to become a UX designer?

My background

I was a student of Qawmi Madrasa in my earlier life. I started my designing career with an internship at Exabytelab, A reputed design firm where I later joined as a UX designer.

I joined the platform back in 2019 and started working as a full-time UI/UX designer with numerous satisfied clients on Fiverr since then. I truly believe that where you want to go matters more than where you came from on the road to becoming a successful designer.

What do you need to become a UX designer?


The thing you need the most to become a UI/UX designer is understanding that most people do not share your vision. And as a designer, you have to find common ground between you and your clients to provide a service that screams excellence.


The second and the most important thing you need to become a successful designer in addition to a creative mind is, HUSSLE

, HUSSLE & HUSSLE. There is no other thing that can give you more momentum in your design career than hard work.

Open mildness to creative ideas

And as a future UI designer, you need to be open to new ideas and accept that it is a learning curve. You need to empathize with your surroundings and be ready to sharpen your skills.

Taking inspirations

UX design is a form of art. And like any other artist you need to be able to combine your creativity with inspirations found on various reputed platforms like Pttrns, Behance, and Dribble.

Simplicity and elegance

And remember that Simplicity is the key. You need to keep your design simple yet elegant at the same time to ensure the best user experience.


As mentioned before, there is no way around hard work on the road to becoming a UI/UX designer. Try to keep consistency in your workflow and take on challenges so you never fall short

So start your journey to become a UI/UX designer and turn your vision into a reality.