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How to become an expert in English

How can I learn English very quickly


You can’t learn it quickly, any more than I could learn Bengali quickly. Learning a language is like any skill, it takes time to develop, practice to reinforce, dedication to become proficient.

Tools like Duolingo are pretty good for language learning, and I recommend using them, but there’s no such thing as “learning a language very quickly.” Practicing is critical, especially practicing with native English speakers (like the forum).


There’s no such thing as a shortcut to learning anything.

And, really, that’s what you are asking.

Seeking a shortcut to learning English makes me wonder what shortcuts you’ll use in delivering your Gigs.

Just one person’s opinion.


Thanks dear. Helpful

Speaking of learning English, please refer to this thread about calling anyone “dear” in a professional setting. Don’t do it.


I will follow your tips. Thanks

try always speak English it helps you to learn English soon

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Thank you so much. Very helpful

thank you so much boss :heart_eyes:

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Forget this immediatly.
And to be honest I don’t really know, but, I’m gonna tell my story:

so, at school we had the english courses as everyone, I come from France, a country where english skills are ultra low, so the path has started in 2015, when I was playing in online video game League of legends, I played a game, met other people from europe, they were from finland, germany, serbia etc, they invited me to vocal conversations to talk and play at same time, we all have our lame accents so i guess it was easier practice than if i would have met native english people.
It was hard for me, i often didn’t understand them at all, but we were always playing together, every days in the evening we did the same routine, and I don’t know with the time I understood and talked better, I searched for more vocabulary, we even met irl, i still talk with them, it has been 6 years now since we met.

So, i’ve been lucky to be able to practice in real time with foreigners through a vocal chat, but it was just my case.
Some people learnt by watching movies with sub-titles, music, I don’t know.


you can try some apps to learn english and speak with your friend in english, you will surely overcome


Thank you bro
:heart: :heart:

Very nice suggestion

Practice everyday. You can talk with your friend just for practice english. It will be help you :heart:
Learn more earn more money and enjoy your life❤️

pretty good interesting story about your life.