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How to become best seller...?


Is it necessary to complete 10 orders in one month for becoming Level 1 seller…??


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Yes it is, Ms from (GMT + 5) USA.


How to become best seller ?

Ans: Work hard on orders. Deliver it on time. Make your communication clear as much as you can with your buyers respond immediately as if you don’t respond immediately buyers sometime get frustrated of you.

There are several other factors.

  1. Gig Description
  2. Communication.
  3. Clear requirements set.
  4. Delivery on time.

Its not really necessary to complete 10 order in 1st month but its actually the duration as if you have completed 10 orders and one month duration passed on you will get the level1 badge also you have to maintain 4+ rating in this time span.

Further more you can read Fiverr Levels


You might want to think about changing your profile picture back to the logo you had - that wee girl’s parents might not be too happy about a stranger on the internet using it without permission.

@saddu_writer is quite right as well - there seems to be a problem with your location and time zone - that could make it tricky to withdraw any earnings you might make.


Question… if you’ve done so much professional work why are you using a profile pic of a girl in high school?


I had chosen this pic because i don’t want to show mine because of some reasons…


Thanks to all of you for your kind suggestions…


Well, maybe you should choose a different picture - maybe a logo, but not a school girl please - it’s not fair on her or her family.