How to become Fiverr top buyer?


How to become Fiverr top buyer? I have seen in my messages , some buyer’s names are followed by the crown that means they are top buyers…


I think I read somewhere in the forum that you have to a “high” amount of activity, etc… meaning you order a lot and stuff…


I’ve wondered the same thing. I’ve bought at least one gig a week over the past year, with 61 completed purchases. Most being for more than $5. I give tips often, have never given a bad review or low stars. But I have had to cancel a few orders (8) ranging from the worst work ever to the seller just vanished.
No crown for me **==


I’ve asked this question here on the forum a couple of times, but havn’t gotten a reply.

For the Top Buyer Badge holders, how many purchases did you make before you got the badge? **==


I believe they were top seller before and now they are just buyers.


I got my 1st order yesterday, I made samples and sent him and told him provide me if any changes. But without any response from him I delivered it few hrs ago, my buyer didn’t replay till now. Will get paid for this?


If there is a way to become a top buyer then it must be by ordering a lot.


Simply follow the rules, and you will be among the top in any category.


I’m new and I’m not sure what a top buyer is. I’m guessing someone who buys a lot
of drawings ? Why would someone want to buy a lot of drawings ? Is he reselling
with the commercial license ?

Also…can a buyer use one artist seller exclusively ? Thanks, ChicArt


Is there a place where I can get detailed info on how the whole Fiver thing works ?


Reply to @blackbear368: You ordered much order… At least you would have been given badge of level 1.


Reply to @muhammadpunhal: The Level Badges are for sellers, I’m just a happy buyer.


Reply to @blackbear368: i think you should ask the Support


There are several other posts about this, but the official one is here: