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How to become fiverr top rated seller Level?


Anyone know what we can do for the fiverr top rated level ?
anyone recommend one Gig per unique service instead of same type gig ?
Comment Your Ideas Below :point_down::point_down:f3c603a9987d9ff8459f521b85fdce96e32b1f99


Be the best at what you do. :1st_place_medal:

Have the best customer service with a smile. :smile:


Even, Ex-Top Rate Seller like me don’t know how I was get there. Hahaha.

Agree with misscystal. Just do the best.


good tip thank u for the advice , cheers


thank u brother … god bless


Check out:


Hard work & great customer support will make you top rated


thank u i will check it now …


am going on that way <3


I don’t know how long you’ve been around, but it took me around 2.5 years, and over 4800 gigs delivered.

I know others have done it faster than me, some take longer. Getting there wasn’t my direct goal, although I did want to hit that mark.

The first thing was deliver a great voice over product, and earn the right to be more expensive than some others, due to delivering for my clients.

The second thing was earn the right to the repeat business for my clients. Deliver something exceptional, and constantly improving, and over time returning clients make a HUGE difference.


This is what ToS says about it.

Top Rated Sellers

  • Top Rated Sellers are chosen manually by Fiverr editors through an ongoing review process based on seniority, volume of sales, extremely high ratings, exceptional customer care, high order completion rate and community leadership. Top Rated Sellers gain access to more extensive features than previous levels, including exclusive access to beta features and VIP support.
  • Top Rated eligibility is constantly evaluated by Fiverr to ensure that the quality standards and expectations of the Top Rated selection is kept. Fiverr retains the right to change a Top Rated Seller status in light of such evaluation. In addition, Top Rated Sellers who cannot maintain their high quality service through a severe drop in ratings, stop delivering on time, increased cancellation rate or violate our Terms of Service, also risk losing their Top Rated status and the benefits that come with it.


Even though I’m new here, I agree that good customer service is key.


be born under lucky star


Luck might have a tiny bit to do with it, because I know of many great level two and even level one or level zero sellers. But in general it’s standing out above the crowd as far as what you offer and how you handle your customers. And now keeping your levels above the minimum requirements.


While I’m eager as well to know what can be done to achieve the TRS status as well, I think we may be asking the wrong question.

I would guess that TRS (which is a manual review) isn’t just given to anybody. Having TRS solely as a goal makes you likely to fall out of the race all together. I think the question we should be asking is “How can I be the best at what I do? What can I do to improve upon the services I’m currently offering? How are my competitors getting the better of me? Is there a skill or a certification course I need to take to give out greater value to my clients?” And so on.

When all these questions are answered and you begin working actively towards them, with great customer service, proper marketing, and a dedication to your art, then the orders start rolling in. You get that word-of-mouth referral (seriously, for me this is the best form of advertisement I can get), and sure enough, orders start rolling in. Before you know it, you’re inching to that status…and in some instances, you might be unconscious of your eligibility and later selection.

Please, can TRS sellers fill in with their experiences, steps, and actions they took to command the level of dedicated clients. Thanks


I worked seven days a week for over two years and had a strong feeling that I was doing a lot better than anyone else in my category for most of that time. If you look around at the others who do what you are doing and see that you do it ten times better you know you are TRS material. Your customers tell you. Your earnings tell you. Your reviews tell you. Your time and effort tell you, when you go to extreme lengths to put in time and energy to your craft. You see that you know what you are doing, much more so than most others.

It was never my goal to be TRS. I just knew that I should be one, as egotistical as that sounds.


Keep doing the best and follow all the rules of fiverr TOS


learn and create a more gigs to grow on Fiverr


Hey, as we know getting TRS badge and level is not easy, you need to work hard and stay online 27/7 to become TRS.


Knowing Fiverr, they’re most likely looking at your sales average. Anyone getting 5 to 15 orders a day is a pretty good candidate for TRS. I know this because I became TRS (and lost it years later) so I know where I was when it happened.

I don’t think it’s going to happen again, unless I start making lots of sales. Like 11/16/18, 5 sales, $96 in profit. Too bad that’s not a typical day, a typical day is $24, $16, $44, or $0.

My theory is that Fiverr knows how much money each of us brings to the site. I’m sure they can search “top 100 sellers” and get that information. That’s probably how the editors choose which sellers to look out, and then decide who gets to be TRS.

Of course, it would be nice if the editors spoke for themselves. Who are they? Fiverr employees? A secret group of Fiverr sellers?