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How to become Level 1 seller within 1 month

I just got my level 1 batch and i am really happy about it. More gigs to sell and more extras to offer. So i would love to share some of the tips that helped me a lot

  1. Sell quality gigs and always always concentrate on quality
  2. Sometime it is better to cancel an order then getting a bad review from an arbitrage buyer. Trust me. There are lot of them
  3. Do research on top selling titles, descriptions on your targeted niche before create your gig
  4. Video will help you to get 220% more sells. So, try to have video on all of your gig. A simple hello and a short description of your gig will do just fine
  5. Be patient and tweak to make your gig better then others and success will come.

    I hope that helps and i wish you best of luck.



Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congrats! I am very new to the site, how can I improve my non-existent sales :slight_smile:

Critique my profile, it would be appreciated, thanks!

First, congratulations on your new recognition! I was wondering what “A bad review from an arbitrage buyer?” Thanks, Sandy