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How to become level 2 seller

guys i just got level 1 … i just want to know from now am i supposed to complete 50 oders from today to next 2 monts to have level two … or i can count level one days and my previous 10 orders for becoming level 2 seller ?

Don’t panic! :fearful:

You don’t have to complete 50 orders in 2 months. You need to have been on Fiverr for 2 months and completed 50 orders - the two things are different!

Anyway, you’ve made a really good start - good luck! :grinning:

that sounds cool … and thanks for appreciation :smiley:

fiverrs says you have to complete 50 orders in two consecutive months for level 2

Don’t worry - if you get your 50 orders as quickly as you got your first few, you’ll be fine!

It’s not an exact science! Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

cool … thank u for motivation