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How to become seller using your real comany

I own real company registered in Croatia. My idea was to increase my job by becoming seller on Fiverr. I was thinking that all salary that I get is going to my company bank account. I’m not sure how I can regulate that in terms of validating my work here and getting receipts that I need to sent to my accountant. Any help will be appreciated.


I use Paypal to collect my fiverr money. They have statements for each month and each year. I simply email my accountant these statements.

I’m sure if you use Payoneer there must be similar statements you can get.

(Statement means a record of what you earned in a certain time.)


You owe a company as well?

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If you have an accountant you can ask him or her how it works when you own a company and also get money on fiverr.


I am registered as an S-Corp, although I do most of my work. I use an accountant and a business bank account along with paypal. They both offer monthly statements, and I keep things organized in quickbooks.


@silberma1976 Do you have other income into the S corp. or just fiverr?

I was wondering if I should do that or not. Maybe I would save on taxes.

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I have a couple other income streams. This was my first year doing it this way and I have been on here five years. Fiverr being my biggest income generator and substantial growth in 2018, I felt a need to accurately account for my earnings and expenditures. My accountant is working on my taxes, so we will see what happens. Too early to tell if I will save or owe.


You don’t need to get receipts working online. You client in this case is fiverr not a real buyer that is ordering your gig. All you need to do is to show your accountant PayPal or fiverr pdf document with your income and he will register it.
But of course you’d better speak with your accountant :wink:

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