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How to become successful on Fiverr in 2020

Many new sellers, my neighbors, my friends asked me how to become successful on Fiverr in 2020?

Then, I asked my self, am I successful? :thinking:
My mind answered me, โ€œNo, you are not.โ€ :cry:
Once again, I asked my self, am I happy with my work? :innocent:
My mind answered me, โ€œYes, you are happy with your work.โ€ :heart_eyes:

So, my suggestion is, Do only those things which you love to do. :heartbeat: Donโ€™t go for money. :moneybag: Before asking how to become successful on Fiverr? Ask your self, how to become happy with Fiverr? :joy:

If you are happy with your work, I am sure you will get success on Fiverr in 2020. :trophy:

What do you think, am I right? :question:


Thatโ€™s too bad, because I, personally, am on Fiverr to help others, and earn a profit in the process. This is my business โ€“ this is my job. My job provides revenue. Revenue pays my bills.

Happiness is certainly important, but it does not guarantee success. Setting goals, and working hard to achieve them usually leads to success. Sitting around being happy isnโ€™t going to earn you any money.


You are right, I love my work and after that I think about money. Everyone should love his work first. So that he can give his best on the work. And if you give your best its easy to get success soon.