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How to become Top Rated here at Fiverr

I’m just curious to know How to become Top Rated here at Fiverr, Because i thought freelancer who’re working here more than 3-4 years and achieved huge number of reviews …then they got that top rated badge. But i just noticed some top rated seller earned that badge only working nearly 1 year with around less than 200 reviews.

So just curious to know that, what’s the main key point to become top rated seller?


This is a project for you. Take a look at their profile and their gigs. See if YOU can see why, and then come back and tell us what you saw that set them apart.


I only became TRS last month, after 6+ years of work in Fiverr… :slight_smile:

hmm…do I know a reason, let’s see:

  • I delivered everything in the best quality & on time (if I couldn’t I do explain why & get the an extension. But this hardly happens.)
  • I always communicate professionally with the buyers.
  • I have never had 10 or 12 orders in queue at a time (never happened as I remember).
  • I never have over delivered, except when a buyer’s design idea is different (might not work) and I sometimes provide the buyer a version of what I think will work better.
  • I have all the necessary standards above 90% on monthly evaluations.
  • 0 warnings throughout that whole time.

And I guess many sellers do all those above…


That I really don’t know the formula to become a TRS… but doing your work well & communicating professionally with buyers must be the key. (ahmn… they might have hidden metric that I don’t know anything about.)


Thanks for sharing your experience.


Really remarkable points.

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Yes you’re right :kissing_heart: I just saw them and their all skill set and gigs are “Website creation category”
As i’m in that field, so i’m very familiar with these services. So i didn’t find anything
extra ordinary on them and even many web developer here at fiverr provide this type of similar WordPress website creation services, but i just noticed one thing that their gig price starting basic price is high than others so i’m amusing maybe they’ve earned huge within short time but i’m not sure…that’s why i’m just curious how they become top rated within short time…

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Is there any way you could put a link to your portfolio in your gig without having to inbox you for it?

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i see that the big thing is to keep on your level and avoid to get down monthly and if you at the second level you need to stay at it for 180 days without drop to level one

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