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How to become TOP Rated Seller 2018

According to new policy fiverr has shown the achievement required to be nominated for TRS.

If all the requirements are achieved , will I be top rated seller?

By the way I am TOP buyer as well. will this effect?


Based on the image you attached, you would NOT be promoted to TRS in January, because you have not reached the $20,000 total earnings level.

I will reach 20k$ in next 1 month.


If you reach $20,000 in income before the middle of January, then yes, you will QUALIFY for promotion to TRS. According to Fiverr, TRS promotions are still manually selected. You won’t be automatically promoted if you reach all of the requirements for that level.

Fiverr’s exact words are: “Top Rated Sellers are selected manually. We will review your performance at the next evaluation date and determine your eligibility for this level.”


Thank you for the reply,
Do you have anything in your mind, what they will check?
Also I am TOP Buyer,
Being top buyer will effect my account?


great … keep it up…

We have no idea how the manual selection process works. That’s something Fiverr has chosen to keep to themselves. We only know what Fiverr has told us. :slight_smile:


In January I celebrate 4 years, I have almost 14k 5 ***** 20k complete orders, but I do not think I will be selected, I have 4.9 in communication using Google translator and Grammarly for ENGL.
I would like to be selected, if I’m not, I will try to make as many happy customers as possible.I’ll try to keep my BEST SELLER GIG in the first place and go up with the second gig in the first places in a category where the competition is very high, in which I’m followed by some TOP RATED SELLERS.The rating difference is very large between me and the next, 5-6k and 10K between me and a TRS with same service.


You are doing better than most TRS so you are probably better off this way.


Yup, My earning is 3000-4000$ per month since last 3 months.


Few things I’ve observed that many TRS have in common are these 2:

  • Nice profile picture and well written personal description
  • Flawless writing skills on their gigs, regardless of what they sell

If you have those things then I think it would be helpful. :slight_smile:

Good luck.


Very good points Gina. I also want to add that most, if not all, Top Rated Sellers have perfect written English, and excellent communication skills.

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I’m very impressed about your work and how you are maintaining all the performance…We all have mistakes… We don’t know everything… Just follow some online English courses and free learning materials … You will be better… Good luck!!! You have to be a super seller cuz of your hard work!! Keep going!!!


You will keep getting the automated TRS nomination each month if your metrics are where they need to be.

However if you are looking for some guidance I do have one tip for you.

It seems that you are also offering some logo animation gigs. At first glance I can tell those are templates from a well known marketplace.

One of the things the review team is looking for is original work that proves you are an exceptional designer in your field.

Those gigs -the template ones- would make me question just how original your main design gigs really are. They make you look bad.

I understand why you’d want to offer a nice animation gig for your clients to add value to your services, but if the TRS badge is really important to you, you should reconsider the video gigs and any other offerings that are template based (especially when you are not purchasing a new license each time and you keep re-using the same one over and over)


@frank_d I like your work, I watched your work for almost 2 years, especially App Promo.
About template in intro category.
It is a very competitive category, is a Top Rated seller that offers the same service as me, I have a difference from him over 10k reviews.
A new seller has recently been nominated TRS- and he uses templates in 2 of the packages.
I do not think this is a problem. What I do not think is normal in the video presentation to discriminate 99% of sellers in this category " Do You know 99% of sellers use templates from VH". I do not think it normal, if you look at the presentation you will probably have the same opinion.

hey @gogugmg

to be honest I never entered that category for that exact reason.

I know that most of the gigs there are VH templates and the rest are legal resellers of what package it is you are selling as well.

That being said, those are two completely different things. The former is someone scamming people and illegally reselling other people’s work. The latter is legal, and in fact the entire business model of that particular company is to have everyone reselling.

In both cases though, there’s no original work on display.

4-5 years ago, you could become a TRS by simply asking someone from CS to review your profile and gigs.

Back then, Fiverr staff did not care what the gigs were, or were less aware of templates, copyright issues and such.

So I’m not really familiar with who’s TRS in your category and when they got their badge, but let me assure you it was definitely back in the olden days.

Let me be clear:
I am not here telling you that you won’t be TRS. When I responded to @kickgom it was, in fact, to help him see a potential reason why he’s not picked.

Getting that many positive reviews is really hard work and proof that you do care about customer service.
And that’s all anyone needs to prove in order to become a TRS in my book.

It’s not about how many reviews, or seniority etc. It’s about sellers that make a difference by focusing on the experience they offer vs just the end result.

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You “handcrafted” that 3d logo after effects template from videohive?

I am referring to your animation gigs.

I don’t think that your buying has anything at all to do with badges or seller levels in any way.

Just so you don’t get your hopes up too high, hundreds if not thousands of people were “nominated” for TRS recently. Only a handful actually got the badge. It’s great to strive for it, but keep your expectations at a reasonable level. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

There is no need to discuss this further here, but it is important to know that Fiverr expect you to have proper licensing for anything that you sell. Since you would like CS to tell you what is allowed, the Trust and Safety department will be notified that you have requested a check of your gigs to see if you have all the licenses you need. You might want to contact Customer Support yourself first and verify it. Trust and Safety has a tendency to be strict quickly if they do find a problem.

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