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How to become Top rated seller ? Any Advice

Hello everyone i’m thinking about how to become top rated seller and how to generate tons of orders on your gig ? This is my profile link if you want to support

Please Show some support and tell me how to get success

Customer service, quality and time are the only options.


thanks for your valuebale answers

You need to be level 2, have no strikes in the last 30 days, 100 delivered orders, 180 days a seller and $20.000 lifetime earnings.

You also need to have cancelations, response rate and on time delivery over 90%, as well as a rating above 4.7

Once you hit that, you are eligible to be TRS - then you must wait to be selected. It may take a month, it may take a year, it may never happen. TRS is not automatic, Fiverr decides who they pick, and their reasons are confidential.


Thanks For your valuebale answers