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How to Become top Rated seller?

Hello, I read many blogs and post to know that how to become top rated seller in fiverr…! but i didn’t get anything…!

Here if you have any information please share with me …! or maybe someone can got help from your comment…! :-S


Top rated sellers are manually chosen by fiverr team but there are a few criteria in which you can do well so that they may consider you…

  1. Seniority minimum 8 months or more
  2. good ratings and reviews
  3. low cancellation rates

    4)high avg selling price

    5)And most importantly your contribution in the community and forum…you must share your knowledge in the forum by giving useful tips to sellers and buyers and posting new discussions and you have to make your presence regularly there!!! that’s it …do it consistently and soon you are a TRS …ALL THE BEST FRIEND!!!1

$30 enough? or more High?

Little late to the party, amirite?

The only place to learn official information about becoming a TRS is here:


I know all the requirements but for being a Top-rated seller your average selling price must be high.

No, that’s not very important.

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That sounds like unofficial information.

…which is not very convincing coming from me, but misscrystal here is an actual TRS, so…

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One of my fave threads. :grin:

You’ll read some interesting stuff!


I can tell you I knew a long time before I became a Top Rated Seller that I deserved to be one. How? The number of returning happy clients, the rave reviews, the way I professionally deal with everyone. I knew I was a success and also completely unique. I know this sounds boastful but if you are good at what you are doing here you know it.

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