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How to become TRS in 4 months?

I found a TRS who started just 4 months ago. Very inspiring profile, check this out

TTS browser? Oh, I’m funny.

No, but fiverr promotes users to that level based on their performance, or how likely they are to bring in the money. Here are some reasons I see.

  • Malta, that’s diverse
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Four-hour response time!
  • Claims to “do her absolute best to make her customers happy”
  • Can apparently hold a sign like no-one’s business

    If you offer a gig, whatever it may be, your final work should be of a unique, satisfying quality.

2 weak ago my account is level 2 lost…Why ?

and i want TRS level Now…!!! How ?

Please Help !!!



I think I’m going to start exploiting my dogs and make money from their cuteness. A little child labor never hurt anyone! :wink:

Fiverr editors pick the gigs to become TRS, has nothing to do with performance.

Ok, I guess I’ll state the obvious, since no one else will. Being a hot chick obviously helps! How else can you get 260+ orders in 4 months to just take a pic with a sign? Lots of male customers there. The Fiverr gatekeepers can clearly see that she’ll be a cash cow. I can give you a list of extremely similar gigs. I have gigs that are actually unique and cool, and can’t even get featured. Go figure. Best of luck to her though.

Okay guys, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve got it but I have a question though: Would it help if I became a transvestite? I really, really want to succeed, at any cost! which will work best, this one o-+ or this one o=> ?

I wish I was a gorgeous women :frowning: all I have is clay :wink:

wow! That great

Reply to @magellon: LMAO!!! Too funny! Go for the blonde. They have more fun on Fivverr. lol

Thank you all for your valuable thoughts but again… how to get featured or become TRS without being hot or blonde :slight_smile:

wow… just saw this :slight_smile:

well… since im the one ur talking about i guess i can tell u wat i do.

I work VERY hard.

Its kind of sad to read that people think i got to be top rated for ‘being a hot chick’… its really not that easy and i was struggling ALLOT to bcom noticed.

I spend many hours on fiverr, some times full days (today has been one of those days).

I edit all my pics. I also always over deliver and communicate fast with my costumers (my usual response time is 1 hour but have bcom 4 hours the past week as i moved apartment and didnt have internet connection, during that time i kept going to the internet cafe to deliver and always checking my phone for messages). i try to always be professional and as friendly as i can and have great costumer care.

I also try to promote my extras as much as possible as my average selling price is $10.

I think fiverr likes that.

Im not shy to charge what i deserve for my work and u shouldn’t either. If u have a good offer, CHARGE for it! u deserve it!

deliver quality, put ur heart into it and LOVE what u do. And u will also be successful… no matter ur gender and no matter ur hair color :wink:

<3 xx

Reply to @seducea: In response to you and basically everyone else…Does it help that you’re very hot? Yes. To say anything different would be a lie. But just being hot isn’t what made you a TRS. Being hot alone isn’t enough. You also market yourself, deliver fantastic work, and have great customer care.

Not every hot person in the world can do what you’re doing-- you have the smarts to go along with your prettiness.

Reply to @cassysailermoon:

Well, as in everything in life, somethings work better for some than others.

I chose sumthing that i thought would work for me. Success doesnt equal being a hot blonde chick or watever, there are male sellers on fiverr that are very successful with thousands of sales and wat they have achieved is only a dream for most of us.

Basically wat it all comes down to is, do wat u think works best for u and do it WELL. no matter who u r… how u look, how old u r or ur gender… if u dnt put work into wat ur doing , and if ur doing sumthing that u just dont feel suits ur personality and ur not happy doing it, it will not work.

Pick something u think will work for u and do it well, put effort into it. U will be noticed if ur doing ur best and ur passionate.

Reply to @cassysailermoon:

Btw 'cassysailermoon;, i just had a look at ur gigs and ur doin very very well urslef! In only 2 months uv sold over 300 gigs and have great ratings too! Well done girl! xx

Reply to @seducea: appreciated your thoughtful response. Cheers !!

Reply to @seducea: Thanks! I’ve actually had over 500 sales :slight_smile: Where does it say that I only have 300? Not a big deal, I’m just wondering.

Reply to @cassysailermoon: oh my goodness, in two months!! weeelll done! Ur a lovely asset to fiverr. I just had a quick look at ur gigs and added all the sales together :slight_smile: I knew it must have been more than 300… but not almost double the amount! Great work, Keep it up!


start massive gig like this

In the meantime, this hot rooster (was about to use the other word for it, yikes!) is left out in the cold… :frowning:

Nah, but seriously. As you/seducea said herself, you don’t get that kind of results without delievering quality and making sure customers are satisfied. Congrats on your success :slight_smile: