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How to begin again after a Long Time Break?


I really want to Know how to get people again to my gig, how i’m start again?

I took about 1 year break from fiverr, And I can’t get any buyer now, there’s no traffic on it now.

I really hope to get some tips or something on how to start again, is there anything need to change on my existing gig, or what is it that i’ve done wrong?

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Thanks in advance,
Mina Samy

sorry, I can’t see your Fiverr profile. something got wrong in your account


Here is my profile link

When you are away for a long time,the algorithm registers your profile as dormant, and even your response time drops.This is because you have stopped sending impressions to your account. There are two ways you can start again.

  1. Delete your account and start all over again.
  2. Look for creative ways to send impressions to your account. The number two option is smart but the harder way. To start with, you will have to find ways to receive messages to your account. This is to upgrade your response time to especially 1 hour. I am sure your response time is zero or somewhere above 1 hour. Share your gigs on all your social media platforms And you must make sure that you have enough activities going on, on your account. With that, the algorithm will now register your account as being active again. Before you know it an order might just come in.

I am sure you already know what will will happen if you go for the second option?

I wish you goodluck and merry Christmas.


fynwriter Thank you for your useful comment.
merry Christmas.

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