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How to best promote Fiverr Gigs?

What is the best way to promote an exciting marketing opportunity or service on Fiverr, after creating your Gig…

I recommend blogging about it, creating a website about it (or posting links and information on a website you already own), posting a link to your gig on social media (Factbook, Twitter, etc), sharing your gig link appropriately within other website forums that you participate in (do not spam those forums, though!), word of mouth, posting information about you gig where your target customers are located, etc.

There are lots of other ideas as well. The key is to just get out there, and tell others about your gig. :slight_smile:

Answer other people’s questions in the forum (when you know the answer) and provide valuable commentary. You can’t be selling all the time, but if you say something interesting, maybe people will click on your name and find a gig they like.

I like JonBaas’s ideas as well. I just hate creating a new Facebook page and having zero likes and then work hard and only get a few. However, if you’re good with social media, having a FB page with lots of likes and discussions can be beneficial.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Yeah, I do a lot of work on social media, and I maintain a number of Facebook pages. Facebook success is a tough nut to crack too, but… if you are able to build a following there, the things you post can be extremely social and highly viral!