How to better promote your gig


I’ve been looking online about ways I can affordably promote my gig to get more traffic. Most people say the usual FB, Linkedin, Twitter. Has anyone found this or something else to be effective?


Well we have found those to be very effective.

As well as Youtube and Pinterest. I think you have covered the top 5 then!

I suggest creating a Fiverr Fan Page for yourself which you have your gigs on and use to promote new things.


Also, do try in the forums such as digital point, v7n and warriorforum. But avoid spam or you get banned.


FB promoting works not for everyone I guess…

Forum posts might work…


This is a resource i found very useful to increase your sales on Fiverr:


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Promote your business, service or product free and fast worldwide via AB Bulk Mailer.This is simply a bulk mailing software,through it you can send infinite mails at a time.This bulk mailing software consists of email extractor and google search by which you can extract emails of other companies/people/businessmen and grab millions of emails/contacts of them in minutes and send them a million free and fast business mails automatically in a day,and At least 10 % of mails can turn into orders. So if you send 1 crore mails every day, you may get thousands/lakhs of orders every day.This will automatically expand and promote your business and you will earn a lot and become millionare in days.


helpful tips


I also have Google alerts set up with keywords for my family tree gig so I can make comments and get the name tn5rr2012 out on the net (i.e this post will show up in an alert tomorrow since tn5rr2012 is one of my keywords)


great info here

oldbittygrandma said: Do you have a thread about this yet?
No, I usually ad the comment when people speak about marketing their gig(s)


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Really Fantastic information

tn5rr2012 You always give great advice, and the way your online presence is set-up never fails to impress me


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One of the things I recently started to do is use the hashtag #WDYTYA on twitter the night an episode airs and also interact with the viewers


@hstalling Make Use of valuable space like this to Promote Your gigs. What do i mean? This is about one of the first ten links on Google for “steps to promote fiverr gigs”. It wouldnt hurt to let us know what You have for us.

If You want to use social media to promote Your Gigs, Twitter is your best bet. I can help you in twitter marketing.



Reply to @muneebkar: sounds interesting. a gig of yours? let me know.


great info here.


Great post guy’s I was also wondering about the featured ability, and why does Fiverr hand pick them? Does that mean that there is a bias?


If your gig is visual then pinterest is great way of advertising :slight_smile:


Various social media links are provided by Fiverr to promote your gig but the convenient and better way is Fiverr forum, nothing better than this. :)>-