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How to bid on projects?


I am user of Fiverr since 11months. I have got some orders and have fullfilled them, but now I am not getting any orders? So, how do I bid on any projects? Does fiverr provides any page where I can contact buyers and place my bid? If there isn’t any page then how some buyer will be able to find me?






In your SALES link there is a link called Buyer Requests. You can look thru there and see if there is request that you could do and click on it. At your level, you can choose one per day, so choose wisely.


How do you get enough information from the Buyer Requests to see if it’s something you’re willing to do for $5? If you’re gig is to proofread x1000 words for $5, and they want 2x1000 words done, is it assumed you’ll be paid $10. I’m having trouble finding the information on how everything works. I only stumbled upon the Buyer Requests page by accident. I submitted an offer to see how that works, but I don’t see how I can withdraw that offer if I clicked on the wrong request. Clueless!

how to bid on project

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The answer is actually up there in the previous comments

hi, i am new to fiverr. i want to know that once i have completed my 10 bids for the day how long will it take for the next bids. where can i check how much time is remaining for my bid bar to refill


I found but nothing is there.

@rizwanansaripk This is a reply 3 years later. The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

If you want help you need to create your own topic.

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