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How to block a buyer from placing order


Is there a way I can block a user? The same buyer buys gigs without discussion 5 times now and I need to cancel the order as neither will he increase the value nor he accepts extending delivery time.

Even Fiverr CS accepts that it is not my fault that this happens but it still decreases my order completion rate.


Condition of Sellers on Fiverr:


Increase your rate for that particular gig. Make it too high for the buyer’s reach. The buyer may just squirm.


I like that condition.


Won’t that affect other buyers as well? Because when they see that the Gig price is too high, they might consider not contacting me at all.


That’s the downside but it may work in the short-term


Actually, this is what I did now. Only option to save me!

Fiverr even lack a real-time chat system, hourly jobs, milestone-based jobs, video/voice call systems and then they are against contacting personal information like Skype ID with buyers until an order is placed! I mean, why will a buyer buy a gig at the first place if haven’t been able to contact me properly. He will just go to other marketplaces where all these options are available.


There are milestones for bigger projects ($100 and more).


I will recommend you to make FAQ in your gig description (or step-by-step instruction for buyers before they ordering).


It’s in beta still though, like Available Now, I’ve asked Customer Support if they could “switch it on” for me, because a client had asked me to use it, but they said unfortunately they can’t.

I have Available Now but can’t really use it, while I’d have had several opportunities to put Milestones to a good use already. C’est la vie.


Well, it works well. You must indicate in your description in BOLD, that all buyers must contact you prior to placing an order with you. The benefit of this is that you get more of potential buyers than buyers looking for free stuff up & down. However, when the buyers contact you, there are some indicators to know the type of buyers you want to work with or not!