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How to block a buyer

Is there any way to block a buyer from the ability to contact you? I have just had the most difficult person in the world and even after the sale was over, he constantly sends me messages about doing something extra. Is there a way to block this person?


Did you tell your buyer that you wish to cease contact with him? It sounds like a slap in the face to just get blocked without an explanation, you know?

If you have expressed your desire to cease contact but he is still harrassing, contact Customer Support. They’ll take the appropriate action with him.


Thanks so much for your comments. Honestly, I have told him more than once there is nothing else I can do for him and he continues to contact me. I just reported the message so therefore it states that he won’t be able to contact me anymore. I just don’t want to be contacted anymore by this person and if he feels like its a slap in the face, then so be it. He needs to understand you cannot constantly ask people to change the order over and over again. I mean come on this is fiverr and most people only pay $5 it just never cease to amaze me that people want a five star meal for a happy meal price. Smh


I’d be VERY clear about not wanting to be contacted again. Because this is the internet, subtlety sometimes just doesn’t cut it.

As @kjblynx has stated, the “report” button is not a long term solution. I think what happens when a message is “reported,” is that Fiverr mods get notified. They check out the messages and determine is the user is breaking any TOS. If not, they just unblock his messaging privileges. This is just a theory of mine, though.

If he contacts you again, go to Support. They’re the only ones who can provide a long term solution to your problem. Best of luck!

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Just to interject. It is always best to be as SWEET as humanly possible. There is nothing stopping this person from signing in under another name and targeting you for revenge. Always remember, too. Not everyone on Fiverr is a native English Speaker. There can often be a great deal lost in translation. Use your “smiley faces” in communication. Those are always universal. :slight_smile:

Chin up!


I asked this same question a few months ago in the attached thread. If Fiverr policy has not changed, you can BLOCK the buyer from contacting you but not stop them from BUYING from you. This Catch-22 policy is very self-defeating if they did not change it.


No dear there is no way to block a buyer


If you’ve not had this experience, you may not be able to relate to the fact that being polite and direct and using smiley faces… have no little or no bearing in these instances… just saying…

I’ve been doing what I do for over 25 years… I know how to handle clients who have unrealistic expectations or who keep coming back when there is clearly not a fit… but on Fiverr… it’s open season on sellers…


gailmrichards lol you havnt seen so of the people that order from me lol

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Makes you wonder about people --how do they get the nerve to act like this.


I know I am a little late to this thread, but I am having trouble contacting a seller that has previous done writing gigs for me. I sent a message with a brief (50 word) outline of the next gig I was proposing and as it was longer than they usually write I asked for a quote. The next time I logged on they were away on holiday thus could not be contacted. Which I thought was fair enough. But now they are shown as back and I am still unable to contact them with that account.

As over 3 months have now passed and they have remained uncontactable from my usual account I used my other account and that one can indeed send messages to them. I have not sent them any from that account just incase they had indeed blocked my account and didn’t want to hear from me, although I cannot understand why they wouldn’t want to.

So I wonder is there a way I can check without messaging this seller from my other account (As in fairness if they don’t want to hear from me then I don’t want to be messaging them anyway).

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Hi Kjblynx

I have multiple accounts as I work for multiple businesses that each use fivver so each account is for a different company, I just happen to be the person who makes their fiverr purchases. :wink:

I have indeed not been using that seller since the ability to communicate was removed. Although I have also put in a support ticket as I suspect there is actually a glitch, I cannot see any reason why the seller would have blocked me so think it may have been done by mistake or maybe accident or there is some glitch.

Plus I would like to know if I was blocked or not. I think if I was blocked then the message should be truthful and say this user does not wish to communicate and has blocked you instead of saying, " may not be contacted at this time." which implies it is a temporary state and thus only serves to waste my time.

If the user had had to contact fiverr support to get my account blocked then they would have seen there was nothing negative going on between us which is why I think it is all very suspicious.

Reply to @improver: Hold on. You get that orange bar on top that says “This user may not be contacted at this time.” ?

That happens when a user’s account is suspended for some reason (temporarily or permanently).

Do you see any other activity on that seller’s account? Recent deliveries - feedback? Probably not?

This means they cannot access their account just like you can not send them a message. They haven’t blocked you. At least I don’t think so.

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I definetely think there should be a block button to stop certain buyers ordering from you. Once I had people threatening to buy my account or give me multiple negative feedback. I told customer services and they sorted it out okay deleted their account, but not before they made multiple orders and cancelled. The truth is there are some buyers looking to harass people for $5. And it is completely unfair to be subject to repeated requests for problem buyers without having a way to fix it. Even the cancellation button has to be accepted by the buyer so you cannot even cancel the transaction. So if the buyer decides to trash your account it’s tough luck. Even if you have tens or hundreds of 5 star reviews.


I just finished an order which was marked as complete for 2 weeks.

The buyer requested changes over 13 times or so!

I gladly made them.

I think this is not important because probably Buyer is own wish there are come from for need help and as a human we should to help them.

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Can you report his message as spam?

I don’t know why Fiverr don’t introduce this block option. All sellers that have been active for a long time know the problems that certain buyers pose. You have to cancel gigs all the time when these problematic buyers keep on buying the wrong gig, and your level goes down. this is very frustrating for sellers to have to deal with these problematic buyers and very time consuming too

Probably, because sellers end up doing a large percentage of those gigs that wouldn’t be done if the block option existed, and Fiverr gets a 20% of those sales.

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I don’t think it would make any difference to Fiverr profits. It would only be a single seller blocking a single buyer.

If a seller is having problems with a buyer like this, I don’t think they would deal with that buyer again. I know I wouldn’t, as it wouldn’t be worth my time or effort to do so.