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How to block a buyer

If a pre-existing blocking button exists, then Fiverr loses potential “credit” revenue (an accountant’s trick! I cannot remember the term right now, but something to do with “churn”, but don’t quote me, because I am not anywhere near being an accountant) The same goes for an unblockable buyer who repeatedly orders despite polite and not-so-polite pleas to please go away. I’ve rejected $400 orders (well, OK, one, and I did have to think about it a lot) because it was actually for around $1000 worth of work. Where do you think that ended up? No in my pockets, nor back where such a large amount should have been returned.

For this reason alone–and without access to the data that Fiverr accountancy team obviously has–this is a hopeless discussion, especially since we all agreed to this in the TOS. The only way to get your money back as a buyer is to break off the agreement (and lose your account). But how many times have you read a hopeless complaint from buyers who sign up to a cheap and cheerful service expecting expert wizard work and get pissed because–it’s a cheap and cheerful service–they didn’t expect that kind of service?

As Fiverr matures into a company that is pushing up prices (good for sellers and Fiverr, naturally! And still a good deal for buyers, especially if they want to avoid the hijinks of a bidwar with canned responses, which is what low bidding gets you), this isn’t necessarily being reflected in it’s services. Again, we have no access to the details. Maybe Fiverr has really blown up and that November investment round has been a part of that–there will be some catch-up.

Just remember that you are on a platform that is growing massively and is likely to continue to do so, especially with a major competitor (who I cannot mention as per Fiverr rules) is closing up shop shortly due to a merger–where the prices are really on a par with here, just there you have to waste more time with bids or commissions or whatever they call them. If fails to adapt to the rigors of a bigger market by implementing features that seem to be everywhere else, its still got it’s cheap and cheerful, plus the 20%. So not really, is it? But as a coattail ride, consider that working with successful agents in most creative industries ask 20% or thereabouts (I could be corrected here, I pulled that stat out my arse).

Look, Fiverr’s a great, flawed idea right now. The blocking is the least of your worries. I usually suck up the order and do it, but if the difference is something like $600, go take a long walk off a short pier–and you know what, I kept that client for other jobs. With my custom quotes. Business is the art of working while not knowing half the facts or the future. You work with that. The block button isn’t your issue, it’s Fiverr’s. Work around it.

I would like a block button, too, but pipe dreams mate.

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I agree. No block button, sorry!

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Yes. I agree. Please Fiverr Team do something for buyer blocking option!

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Wow this is cool topic, Thank you so much

simply send ticket to fiverr that you are not comfortable working with this buyer get your order cancelled. but please support your request with solid reasons while sending ticket.

some times its better to sacrifice few bucks then mental stability as it is very important on fiverr. :slight_smile:

Send custom offer to anyone annoying for $135.

I did one for $1100 today.

Gone with the wind!


You just gave me an idea.

I actually don’t think it’s a good idea to want to block a customer, (my idea though) but the best way to block annoying customer is send a stern keep off warning and ignore further communication with the customer or report to CS.

"REPORT"But it’s temporary

reporting, good idea. Please do something about permanent

To be fair, that’s exactly what the word count math gives on one of my gigs. They had already asked (as a brand new lead) for “competitive rates”, so I did. I think we were in different competitions :wink:

Sometimes a very short and very polite message works. "I appreciate your interest but I feel that I cannot serve any of your needs so I hope you find a great seller who can help you. Best Wishes. "

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It’s very important…please fiverr team add this option

I would go to support if I were you-- I had an insulting buyer whom I ended up doing 7 versions of the work for, and he kept asking for a refund in between the claims that he “liked” what I was doing.

Inappropriate buyer behavior is very frustrating, and if he is legitimately spamming you even AFTER the order is complete, I am sure that support would help you. They helped me with my concern; I think support is getting a lot better with issues like that.

I do wish there was a way to block users. It would have saved me so much trouble in the past. But in real life, you unfortunately can’t block people, so I guess that is Fiverr’s logic with seller-client relationships (also that it would keep people from buying… despite the suffering and woe of the seller.)

You CAN ABSOLUTELY BLOCK A seller by clicking on report of any message u think is abusive to you. :slight_smile:

Untill u do a unspam request, he would not be able to message you. :slight_smile:


The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday. I hit report on a conversation with a seller who was sending about 10 custom offers in one hour. I explained that I am a seller, I do not have any type of interest in his service.

After the message appeared that he is unable to contact me, I received 5 more custom offers from him. How is that possible? Does it only relate to messages the report option?

The report button does not always work.

That’s good to hear, because the last 3 days have been crazy. I got up to 8 sellers only today sending me custom offers. I keep explaining to them that it’s not how they get sales, but it takes so much of my time to do this with every single one of them. And I’m also worried about my response rate if I don’t reply.

There is no way to do this , But better you can discuss with your buyer and solve the problem .