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How to block a buyer

I just finished with a difficult Buyer. Prior to placing his order he sent me multiple messages asking for a custom order for work I don’t normally do. I politely told him I don’t do this work and directed his business to another reliable Seller. He ignored my plea and placed his order wrong, and actually owed me $80, not the $40 he paid. I let it slide and did the work just to get rid of him. After the work was completed, he hadn’t accepted the work and he badgered me for something we hadn’t agreed to, posting to his Facebook page! So, I agreed to do it just so I could be done with the order.

There it was on his Facebook page! A tribute page to his teenaged daughter who was killed in a car accident. NOTHING I could do would ever make this hurting soul happy!

I explained that he still owed me $40, but rather than pay me, please put it towards her memorial scholarship fund. Lemons into lemonade.

Suddenly, he realized I was a human being too. He tipped me well and gave me an excellent review, but he ripped Fiverr a new one for having a lousy messaging system!!!

Very easy for Sellers and Buyers to forget there are human beings behind the monikers.

I usually say “ok” to them just to have something to reply with for the response rate before I report them.

just click report button

Totally agree with @oscarthedog :slight_smile:

May be you find some newbies doing similar work as you and recommend them to that buyer. Newbies need good reviews to raise their level and they will happily work for the same buyer.

I’m new here thanks to all for information! @@@@

Click The Report Button.

Another missing feature.

We should have the ability to block a certain number of buyers per month such as 1 or 2.
That way it would not be abused.


I agree with that. Sometimes when you start off with somebody on a wrong foot it’s better to let that person go to another seller. As a matter of fact most sellers send a message prior to ordering a gig. Therefore, it is possible to come up with a reason why not to do the gig in case some buyer in fact is “difficult”.

I really would love to have a block option. One of my customers keep pm’ing me a long while after I completed the order and is just making unwanted sexual advances on me.

I just found this thread after dealing with a rude and arrogant buyer. He demanded an additional solution (I fix problem files for Storyline 2) that wasn’t agreed upon in the offer. I explained the second and not-discussed solution was firstly forbidden by how the software works (for free), which he wouldn’t accept as true, and secondly he wanted me to provide that second fix for free. He’s tried this before on a previous request where I went above and beyond the ask anyway. Then he accuses me of being lazy.

The nerve! I hit Report which blocked him it looks.

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A buyer pestered and pestered me for a quote so I eventually gave him one for $750 (which is actually what I realistically thought it would be). Then he pestered and pestered me for an explanation as to why I gave him such a high quote and others were lower. Telling him to just go with one of the others and leave me alone seemed to be too subtle. I ignored 10 of his subsequent messages before he finally got the hint. :slight_smile:

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I have a quick response telling them I’m reporting them for spam. Then I report. Takes 2 seconds per message.

Putting in another vote for this feature. Hate to be negative, but occasionally I encounter buyers whom I would like to not work with again.

The one that has me searching for this feature now has worked with me before, never seems to be able to download the files from Fiverr, or Dropbox, or Google Drive (all which methods I happily provide) and then knocks points off my review because of it. Then he’ll come back, order again, and do the same thing. Frustrating!

It’s a lot of wasted time over the $5 gig, considering every other buyer is always able to download files (and every other Fiverr user I reckon)

I have no way of stopping him from ordering from me again, but I would like to.


I really think there should be a block feature. I sometimes get pestered with messages even after telling them to stop they even managed to find me off Fiverr and started ringing my home phone. Sometimes you have to block people it’s needed. I have been ignoring the person but unfortunately it effects my response rate.


I just had another one. Started an order with me via custom offer, then all of a sudden is requesting to cancel because he “had somebody else do it faster” … I accepted the cancellation but politely explained that it is a poor way to use Fiverr, as I had already spent time on the work and would now get no money for it.

To make the best of it, days later he mistakenly sent me a message of a similar nature, but unrelated to my gig. I guess he meant to tell somebody else the same thing, that “somebody else had done it quicker” … These are time wasters and another great example of why blocking people would be a great idea.

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I have the same question. Some buyers don’t understand and ask continuous questions and they will never buy anything. If we don’t answers them our response rate reduces. Do someone has solution for this?


The idea of blocking a customer came to my mind today …

That feature seems unavailable, so the seller has to handle the buyer instead, though there is that kind of trouble making buyer who can cause me a headache even before placing an order. Yesterday a customer contacted me after I’ve sent him a custom offer via Buyer’s Requests section, contacted me about 5 or 6 times and each time he comes up with another idea just came to his mind. Furthermore, he started negotiating about the price, so I told him to be MORE confident about what he really needs. Then he placed an order with NO REQUIREMENT and no info, he just wrote; check the inbox! so I cancelled the order for not providing ANY information from the buyer. So I hope CS warns the buyer for being careless about his unclear order because he expects me to do magic to make him satisfied OF COURSE NOT! Although I do offer 1 : 2 revisions per order, I expect a very clear information about what the seller needs.


You should be able to block buyers including if they want to order. Blocking people in real life is absolutely possible. If someone messages you on another platform you can block them. If they call you then you can block their calls. If they change users then you can block the new user. If they are calling your phone from another phone number then that is harassment and in most jurisdictions you can get a restraining order. The police at the doorstep should put an end to that annoying customer. So this notion that blocking in real life is impossible is simply ridiculous.

At the end of the day, if you don’t want to work with a buyer then don’t. Yes they can order but just don’t do the work. You do risk a non-mutual cancellation which is bad on your profile but sometimes that is a risk you have to take. If all diplomatic means fail then just tell them that you won’t be doing the work anyways so they might as well do it the easy way with a mutual cancellation.

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As far as “blocking people in real life,” I meant in the scenario of something like a business storefront where you can’t keep a person from physically coming into your store unless law enforcement is involved, usually. Telling them to go away is sometimes not enough, both in person and on Fiverr. Of course you can block someone’s number, file a restraining order, etc. but there is no magic button to just erase someone. In the case of Fiverr’s online platform, however, I still believe it is very necessary to have a block feature.

It’s funny that this would come up again, as I am currently having issues. I have a repeat client who orders children’s songs, instrumental and all. They always request at least 4 or 5 modifications on each order (the limit is 1 or 2 for me) and they never express any courtesy. They have pretty good English but their messages are cold and insulting to my work although I always try to give them the best quality AND discounts.

I also have a feeling the person who reviews the work is not them, and they are simply the messenger, so I can’t actually dispute the unnecessary requests with them.

I’ve tried to tell this person that I no longer wish to work with them due to excessive/unnecessary modification requests, and they pull the “we’re friends, right?” thing and won’t get off my back. I always just go with it since their orders do bring in good revenues at times, but I am going to quietly report them after it’s said and done. $300 worth of work for $64 in revenues is ridiculous.