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How to block a client with the new UI?

Hello, I have a problematic client with whom I would not like to cooperate, but she keeps sending me messages. Earlier on, there was an option to label a conversation as spam and block such an user. Now, I cannot see it.

Is it still a thing? Can someone help me with that? :slight_smile:

Are you received new fiverr inbox update

Yes, I have. Earlier the “Block” button was clearly visible. Now it is nowhere to be seen.

What is your browser? Are you clean cache and try again ?

I did :slight_smile: Can you tell me where you have that button? Maybe I am just blind and fail to see an obvious button, but as for now - I cannot spot it in the Message Tab, nor in a separate topic view :slight_smile:

I want to know too. if anybody know. please tell us

It is great that I am not the only one struggling with that problem :slight_smile:

report that message and when you will report that message it will give you option to recieve messages in future or not so chose no message and it will get block


Please send your screenshot of chat without names

Sadly the block feature - when you eventually find it - is useless.
When you block a user, they still have the ability to message you - and in my case, place a pointless order that you are unable to fulfil. Consequently, another cancelled order that has a detrimental effect on your account.

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I have tried the option with reporting and ticking the box allowing me not to receive messages from the user :slight_smile: Thank you very much - I hope it wil help! :slight_smile:

i was also searching for this tip, happy that i found this post, as such no need for me to create a new thread :grinning: :grinning: