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How to Block a Sender without Reporting?

There’s a buyer, who started communication with me about 15 days ago. He had a ton of questions which for the first 3 days I was happy to answer.
Then he started sending questions at very odd hours, seemed intentional. Brought down my response rate 2%.
And now he will ask one question when I’m asleep, as soon as I’m available I respond to him and he even being online will reply or ask another question when I’m back offline.
My question is How do I block him without Reporting him? or without getting myself into any kind of trouble.

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Well, you could take a leaf out of @cyaxrex’s book and inform the buyer that any further conversation needs to be on a consultation basis. Make an offer. That’s usually enough to shut them down. If that doesn’t work, report them to CS as trying to get free work out of you.

Yes, that’s likely what’s happening - they’re asking you a question and then either doing whatever it is themselves, or getting someone else to do it cheaper …


And to add to @coerdelion response: that’s not how response rate works. Only the first ever question from your client counts towards your response rate, not every message that he is sending. You have a clock sign next to the message that you need to respond.


You can block a user who have previously placed an order with you by going to their profile and clicking on ‘block’.

If, like your case, they haven’t placed a order yet then you can block them only through the mobile app.

In your app, go to the chat and click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner and then select block user.


Are you talking about Response Rate or Response Time?

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Thanks everyone, thanks for such an awesome insight and clarifications.