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How to block buyer? Help, please

One buyer wrote to me in private recently. I told him that I would not take the order. But he still made the order after that.
I recently read somewhere on the forum that you can somehow block the buyer from the ability to make orders from you. How to do it? Or has it not been injected yet? If it is not yet introduced, it is utter idiocy, as the buyer can spite to make a new and new order. Help, please.


This may be helpful to you:

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That page not open…

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It works for me. I am using windows edge. If it still doesn’t work go to the Help and Education link at the bottom of the Fiverr main page and search for “blocking buyers”.

This said
To block a buyer:

  1. From the buyer’s user profile page, click Block .
  2. Select a reason from the list, and then click Submit.

I dont see where that (Block) button or something

Note: This feature is not yet available to all sellers. AH okay, so i cant block buyer? So that buyer can scum me with million orders? Thanks fiverr :+1: :crazy_face:

why would fiverr not make this available to all sellers? What’s there to test?

Few days ago I sav that ‘block’ button when I visited some profile… but now it’s gone. Wierd.