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How to block or silence forum user with hidden profile

There’s a feature to block/silence messages from users accessible on their profile. However, some users have “hidden profile” (for some reason, this shouldn’t even be allowed). How can one block such a user?

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One can simply choose to block them mentally and not respond. I happen to have a hidden profile as I recall but I know you don’t mean me. :heart:

Or if you do I can unblock it, you can block me, and then I can block it again. I can tell you are irritated by my posts. Let me know if you want to try this. I have no problem with it.

When I get time I will unblock it for you so you can do that. I didn’t know that you couldn’t do that if the profile was hidden.

I’ve unblocked my profile so you can block me now. The problem is you can still see my posts if you click on them. It’s not a true block.

Click your profile pic in the top right. Then click on your username. Then go to “preferences”. Then select “users”. You’ll have the option to add people to your ignore list.



I don’t know why those with hidden profiles would not be able to be blocked.

Thanks! It’s a bitten hidden, they should make it available straight from right clicking a user on the forum.

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Can you see this post? :slightly_smiling_face: I hope not.