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How to Boost Gig...?

I Heard that People Boost Gigs on fiverr, But i dont know how to boost it…
I Dont want to Promote my gig on facebook Twitter or other sites, I Want to Boost Direct through Fiverr, Anyone know how to Boost it…? Please Tell me



I really need to know/

Same here. People say that using effective keywords, changing Gig images and writing good description boost up your rating on fiverr, i tried all this but still i get very less views and clicks from Fiverr. I get traffic from Google+ but that is of no use for me

A lot of boosting gigs is using more strategic wording for your gig order. A lot of times individuals over word what they are offering and it is not useful to get more attention for your gig. Be sure to have a voice over or video for your gig, that will increase interest at some level.

Most of the other things you should do would be more of the strategic and target marketing efforts. The more gigs you get, the amount of time you complete work on time, the higher your rates the higher you’ll rank - these things are things which you obviously can’t do without work - chicken and the egg. You need to actually use other target marketing efforts in order to achieve this, especially with so much competition on Fiverr these days. When I started on Fiverr, it was shortly after the site launched, so it was much easier to get jobs and attention.

Since then my focus has changed and I now typically take on clients that need strategic consultative services and coaching for both promoting their business on Fiverr and other platforms. You will not be successful simply posting a gig on Fiverr and then waiting for things to happen (or even trying to approach other Fiverr users through any other platform other than buyer requests). And then even through buyer requests, it is highly competitive - IF your offer even gets seen. Oftentimes if 24 people have responded to an offer, yours is not going to be the one considered if you do not have either a really low rate, a value add for the consumer or really high reviews.

There is not a one size fits all marketing strategy for every gig - again which is why I work one on one with clients, because if you do the same thing every one does, you’ll never be able to rise very high - whereas if you take the time and invest in a customizable plan for your expertise, you will position yourself to be an expert in what you do WITH your ideal client, and then you can actually in the long run, demand higher fees, and work less than if you do what the rest of your competition does.

So consider who you want to reach with what you do and focus your marketing in that way. If you want more specific help with this, feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and we can come up with an appropriate consultation fee and structure - every month I take a small number of individuals on at a discounted rate from my normally hourly rate.

Good luck!!