How to boost my Gig?


Anyone can help me to boost my gig because i a new seller in fiverr.Anyone know about this,please help me.


Promote your gigs in social media. :slight_smile:


read the fiverr academy and terms of service. Use good tags and market yourself outside of fiverr.
Above all, have patience.
It’s a slow ride to level one and two.


Can you give me any shortcut tricks for boost my gig,please Mam.


perhaps putting your real location and changing your gig to fix where you have unlimited in the title but have 40 listed in the description.

Also are you marketing yourself? doing your 10 buyers request applications? Are you testing tags to see which ones do best for you?


Ther’s no shortcut to learn and earn! You need to do the hard work and help yourself. :sleeping:


There are NEVER any shortcuts to success. Hard work, plenty of time, and dedication are required to achieve success. And that success may come weeks, months, or years from now. Work hard for your success, and don’t expect immediate results.

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. It never has been, and it never will be.


I agree. It takes a long time for most sellers to begin making a steady good income.


Also agree. Experience is the most important thing


How to BOOST:


“Shortcut tricks” & “Boost”

I don’t know why but this reminded me of GTA
Fiverr should make some cheat codes like that which we type in the search and get Instant orders.
How crazy would that be?


Promote your gig in social media and update your gig.


Fiverr is not a video game.


Yeah, tell that to people asking for shortcut tricks…:smile:


You are the only person who equated Fiverr with the shortcuts and cheats of a video game. I have not seen anyone else suggesting the idea of cheat codes to “cheat” at Fiverr and get around the normal process of success.

I appreciate good humor, but your comment was not humorous, nor was it helpful in deterring future sellers from asking for shortcuts.


You need to relax a little.
I was just writing what I was thinking and I know it was out of context and has nothing to do with the ongoing conversation.


so you said it was out of context and nothing to do with the conversation.
So it should be flagged as offtopic then?


I don’t care if gets flagged.


I am very relaxed. I’m just getting tired of new sellers expecting instant success on Fiverr, while overlooking the common sense element of hard work. Your comment, while, perhaps shared in jest, only feeds that new user mentality.

Let’s not share “jokes” that reinforce the wrong ideas here on Fiverr. We’re trying to encourage new users to work for their success, not suggesting that there might be quick, easy ways to avoid that work. Fiverr is not a game. There are no “cheat codes” (nor should there be any) here on Fiverr. Hard work is required. There is no other path to success.


You’re saying as if Fiverr has just picked this idea and has started working on it right now.