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How to Boost Response Rate

Hi. My name is Esther, and I operate in the writing niche. I went for a project research in my school believing I had put my account on vacation mode. To my surprise, when I return online after a week, I have got some messages. Now my response rate has dropped drastically to 25% (5 days). This is really giving me a lot of concern, and I don’t know what to do. I am still a new seller, I have never encountered this issue before.


There’s nothing you can do but answer fast untill you get your response rate good again.

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Hello Esther,

I don’t know if you want advice so you can feel free to ignore this. I looked at your gigs out of curiosity and I notice that you used a slang term about someone who is really hard on poor grammar. You might want to find another way to word it. While it is common slang, some buyers could be put off by it because of the word choice. Since the site is global, there might be better ways to say it. Good luck with your response rate.


Hi there,

The only way you can keep your response rate high is when you reply to a new message
right away, and the only way to bump it back up is when you reply to your future messages right away.

Usually when you go on vacation mode, you get a notification message from Fiverr.
In case you decide to go on vacation mode again in the future, you might want to
check ( in your junk message box too) for that message next time.

You have probably did not actually put yourself into vacation mode. You learn, you wait, and in 60 days your response rate will be restored.