How to boost your earning


As a beginner You can boost your earning in the following ways
Setting up your profile right
Setting up your gigs right
Sharing your gigs to social networks
Sending offers to buyers in the buyers request

And be plain with your buyers


Fiverr Forum doesn’t allow copied text. I just had a look at your profile and gigs, you have mentioned that you are a writer, then why you copied?


Good tips but this appears to be copied :frowning: not good!


I wonder the same thing @sameerthewriter asked. It wouldn’t be outright plagiarism if you gave credit to your source. Are you planning to provide that or pretend that you wrote the post?


You guys are right, my apologies am new here, just want to get popular


I’m sorry please


Thanks for removing the copied material. Getting popular isn’t great when it’s for the wrong reason. You might want to wait on more tips posts until you have some experience. In the meantime, head over to the Improve my Gig category and you could really help there. Offer some basic feedback to people there who need others to critique their gigs. It’s a good place to start helping on the forum.




Thanks for being honest about it. All the Best with your Fiverr career.


Thanks, but i can no longer see my gigs


I see 5 gigs under your username.


Yes, I can also see 5 gigs under your username. Try refreshing the page.


On the gig list


I don’t know what you are trying to say. Either way, this thread has turned into more of a support thread for you than real tips, so it will be moved to Conversations.