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How to bounce back from life emergency/two bad reviews

About six months ago, Fiverr was working REALLY well for me. I got to Level Two in a fairly short amount of time, and Fiverr was making enough to pay my rent every month. It was great.

Then, a series of really hectic events made me unable to be on Fiverr for awhile. I was able to complete most of the gigs I had before I put my store on vacation mode, but two of them slipped me by, and now I’ve got two buyer cancellation reviews as my last two reviews on my page.

I want to start up again, but I’m not sure if those reviews are what’s gonna keep me from being able to get buyers. Does anyone have any advice as to how to bounce back from this?

Hi, we have Top Rated Sellers and others here who have high cancellation rates who do well. It just depends on your other reviews and how in demand your service is. Try it and see how it goes. It’s not the end by any means.

turn your gigs on and wait. If nothing happens, fiddle.

You have some pretty great reviews otherwise. I believe if you make a couple of sales with good reviews, the bad ones will fade away eventually. Buyer requests are a great way to get clients to notice you. Good luck.

I think you can just reply those negative reviews… that why you are enable to complete the project that time. and improve your gigs description… and dont be sad. its happen with everyone you are not the only one. SO keep Smiling and Smart work… Good Luck

Dear Respected Seller,
Dont worry about those bad reviews you got .Keep working by giving quality service, you will get sells because you have many positive reviews:).
Thank You and wishing you Good luck:)

Kind Regards
King Land

Things happen,you can’t do anything about what has happened in the past but you can focus on your future to make it better :slight_smile:
Good Luck!