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How to break a vicious circle

Hi. I hope I’m posting the right way. I don’t want to break any rules or behave unproperly. I am a Seller Level 2 for months or maybe a year.
I feel I’m in a vicious circle:

**I don’t sell. Hence I don’t rank higher. **
If I don’t rank well, nobody sees my gigs, and again I don’t sell.

How can you get out or break that circle?

It isn’t very reassuring to work on your gigs, but nobody has the chance to see your gigs.

I need help on this, please. Tell me what to read or share some tips.

Check this out: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

Thank you so much for your reply. I speak mainly Spanish so some times it’s a bit complicated to read all that information in English. I’m an Industrial Engineer and Professor of Digital Computer Design and Digital PrePress. (All that is related to printing brochures, magazines, newspapers, etc.)