How to break the selling routine? [ideas]


I think about the basic things as changing the gig’s cover and photos.

What do you think? what things should sellers do in order to break the selling routine?


Change the title of the gig - or atleast alter it to better wording.


I just recently changed the wording of my one gig because i wasn’t getting any sales and a few hours later i got 5 sales!


Updating and refining keywords.


Updating your imagery is always a good idea, especially if you’re updating it to include more relevant images or key phrases that you know people are looking for. I’ve also found that updating my gig description fairly regularly allows me to continue refining my services offered based on what people have been asking about in previous orders, and I tend to get a little spike in views after updating. I don’t know if that’s because the search engine prioritizes updates, or what that means, but either way…a regular refreshing never hurts!