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How to bring gig in fiverr home page


I am new in Fiverr. I want to know how to bring my GIG in-front page or what are the eligibility for that.


Your gig is automate feature in home page, for 2,3 days, and it random.
But if you toprate seller, there a part for toprate seller in homepage


its a automatic process depend on you sales and impressions its automatically featured in homepage.


the best way to put your gig on the very very very very first page in home page is


You should have a high volume of sales also a good SEO title and tags and you are good to go also promoted feature also comes handy.


Number of sales of your gig can put you on top. For that you can give your service at very low cost and can put good thumbnail image on your gig that attract buyer also. When you get good start then you can raise your service cost later.


Just Level up and keep best working. And also keep your order amount up then the gig will automatically be featured and it will show in the homepage.