How to bring my first sale?


Hello there, I have joined 17 days ago. I want to ask one thing, one of my gig has ranked on the first page but my impression,clicks and views are getting down. Any answer? Please help me out because I am newbie on fiverr and still I didn’t get rhe first order. :frowning:


Hi, your Gigs look good, but you have high prices.
For a newbie with those prices it will be twice or thrice times harder to get a first order. Reason: you need to back up your skills with some works/sales/reviews before someone will spend a “considerable” amount of $$ in an order to a newbie. If you’re not willing to re-think those prices then it’s up to you, but I won’t expect good results in the short time if you keep them that way.
By the way, I though the word “custome” is old…maybe you may consider changing it for “custom”, give it a try (yes, dude… I’m talking about the Tags)


Thank you for your great tip. I have decreased the price. Thanks


You ned to keep your “pain limit”, it means that under that price you’re not really motivated to work. The important thing is to use the few days/weeks when Fiverr keeps your Gig in first pages, to build a small client list, and hopefully returned clients too. If you miss that opportunity at the beginning, then it’s harder to build it later on, when your Gigs will inexorably be pushed down.


Ok,I’ve got it everything and thanks again, you are an amazing person. Actually, I am totally newbie on this site and I know it would be tough for me to bring the first sale but I have made 2k explanier video in other freelancing sites. Hope,my portfolio would help me to grow my business. :slight_smile:


Keep it up! Good attitude is what is needed.
Like I’ve said your Gigs look good, it’s just a matter of time when someone will find you and give you the opportunity, I bet it’s useless to say that you may be prepared for that, but as I can see in your Gigs: you know what you do and you do it great.
Keep patience, dude, I would like to see a new post from you where you share your first sales! :+1:


Once I get my first order then your name will be mentioned because you are a superb person.Thanks again for your incredible tip :slight_smile:


Keep it for you dude. Just send me a PM saying that you started your way up in Fiverr! I don’t need publicity, I’m a shy girl :innocent:


Lamo. You are so funny.I can’t stop my laughing.