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How to bring your Gig to top of the first page?

Hello fellows,
What’s your approach to rank your gig when your gig drops down from top rows of 1st page?

One of my gig stayed at the top for a few months. Its position used to fluctuate among the top three rows on the 1st page. Later on, I had to stop for a few days because of my exams so I simply refused to take orders from any buyer who contacted me in those 10-15 days. Then, the gig was de-ranked. It went to the 3rd page from 1st page.
My Appraoch:
Once I was back to resume working here, I used to

  • spend 10-12 hours online everyday
  • Send 7-10 offers in buyer request daily
    But in spite of all this, I could not get orders with consistency. Not even a single buyer directly contacted me through my gig. I could just get a few orders through my offers in BR section.

Using this approach, now my gig is again back to first page but below top 5 rows. Once again, no new buyer. No direct orders. I am struggling to get orders on daily basis.

what will be your approach in a situation like this?
I will be thankful if you can kindly share your valuable experience regarding this.
Thank You!


Oh I stop thinking about it and doing something else, you’re not guaranteed to have sales so do not worries when you don’t have buyers.


Of course, we are not guaranteed to have sales but we are not forced to stop trying :slight_smile: I was thinking to come up with a better solution, may be, by experimenting something new? or trying to know someone’s experience about the same struggle…


@muhammadfaheem0 you are a good seller i know

from my experience
1.Social Advertising will help you,
2. Or sometimes Fiverr cs helps to refresh your gig, they did that once for me


Thank you so much for sharing your experience… :slight_smile:

Did we ever work together?

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i am having same issues how can resolve ?

Best way is! Bring social clicks to your gig and you will be on top on your own!
they need you to promote your gig, and like anyone else does they are also keeping eye on us, how much hardwork we are doing to sell us and our gigs!

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This is incorrect. Fiverr does not promote sellers to the top of search results or category pages. Seller rankings are automatic based upon performance and buyer reviews.


@jonbaas is right! Fiverr team does not help in either way to bring your gig at the top. Unfortunately, I could not find anyone who could understand Fiverr search algorithm exactly as it is. It’s something more complex that takes into account many aspects to rank your gig at the top.

I suggest to do link building to rank your Gig. This will increase the impressions which helps in Ranking.

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Can you please explain it a bit more?

Just google it you will get a lot of information of how to do link building.

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Thanks… I’ll surely search it out.

Yeah sure, check inbox

Bro my GiG is on Page 3.
How to rank my GIG please Help.

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I can’t any delivery or suggetions for you, because i’m beginner in fiverr. so, i want to help you and any persons who’s expert on fiverr, please tell me how i improve my gigs on fiverr. its very important for me cause i’m a little.

Please Search Fiverr Forum for this topic. You will find many tips.

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Thank you so much for giving me a good suggestions, i’ll do that, best of luck

My pleasure…


When you don’t get orders easily, you just have to promote your GIGs, with friends and so on. To activate the word of mouth. I know it’s not easy, but if you have a solid network you can solve this.:slightly_smiling_face::+1: