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How to Browse Gig Requests?


Is there a way to browse requested services? I just signed up, and I’m having trouble finding where to view requests.


Check buyer requests


@kenii101 - Thank you! I liked your post.

I didn’t know that either. I just submitted one of my gigs. :slight_smile:


what request ? Buyer request or gig request ?


For buyer request click sales top of the page then you can see the buyer request top of the right side.


I still don’t see where to view requests made from other buyers. Has it been changed? Are they hidden or something? What is it so hard to find these listings??


Buyer can’t see buyer requests. You need to have a gig to show yourself as seller. After that point on the username and click on selling it would expand and would show ‘Buyer Request’ for you gig category. This should be done on PC as mobile app has different menus.


Simple. If you have no gigs, you won’t see any requests made by buyers. Buyers are looking for gigs, so when you don’t have any, why would you see requests by buyers?


no idea


oh yes


I cannot see any of the request as well. Yes i am a seller on fiverr. Just joined an hour ago. Will i have to wait.


“Buyers are looking for gigs, so when you don’t have any, why would you see requests by buyers?” Because as a bachelor in sales and marketing management I’ve learned that to become successful you should focus on what your buyers want and not what you think you want to offer to them. So I am actually quite disappointed to learn, that I cannot start to make gigs by looking at buyer requests.


It is here (but add username instead of YOUR_USERNAME):


Just a note for people still looking for this information. As of 25/04/2016 (today) the option under Selling is currently called “See Available Projects”.


Just make some generic gigs in the areas where you plan to sell and then tweak them to whatever niche you think you’ve discovered once you can see the buyer requests for that category. You know, focus on your core competencies, blah blah, etc.


#requested services Are not Great service :frowning: . Just Time waste


is it a good thing to send buyer request…? Not at all,! In my point of vew it’s make your gig down! buyer request very helpful for makeing new perfect gig as buyer looking for.!



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where please ??


From the seller standpoint I agree wholeheartedly.

From the buyer standpoint… Well, let’s put it this way: a buyer puts up a request and gets 30 responses. 25 of those are spammy, broken English, unrelated, or people with outrageous offers. The other 5 are perhaps related, perhaps intelligible, perhaps exactly what the buyer wants…

But if you get 25 bad responses from a single subcategory of Fiverr, what would it be like if everyone could see you? Buyers would be drowned in so much spam they’d never come back.

So as publishingmaven said – make some gigs in your strong areas. Especially as you’re just starting out, there’s no penalty to tweaking, deleting, or totally redesigning a gig. Just remember to stay within the ToS when making your gig and conducting your business!

A quick last note regarding Buyers Request… even though you’ll see tons of sellers advertising in Buyers Request, don’t do it! First, it’s ineffective as buyers don’t look at the page, and second, it’s spammy and can get you kicked from the site.