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How to build social media for captioning/ voice/ editing etc

Hello Fiverr community!
I’m excited to jump in the deep end with all of you talented and hard working folks.
I have web presence for my visual art, however, I’m stumped as to how to create a social media presence for my captioning/subtitling skills, voiceover, video editing, visual effects and the like. If you were looking for such skills, how would you like the expert to present themselves? What platform would you be looking on? I am the most experienced with Instagram. Do you have any experience with marketing yourself in these fields?
Thanks so much!

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Dislaimer: Im no expert in your niche, this is just an idea that i came up with just now.

How about taking existing videos, mute them and then do your own funny subtitles for it. Those videos have the potential to go viral. There was a little hype here in germany two years ago, when there were a lot of rap videos which were done that way. I think they were called “Literal Videos”.

Platform-wise i would just diversify and see what works best. I think a youtube channel is a must in this niche and linkedin is pretty helpful, too.

For voice-over people need to get to know your voice. So, if you are an expert in any other field or have something to say to a certain topic, try to get yourself in some podcast. Or consider doing one yourself. People will hear your voice and you person gets exposure.

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That’s a creative idea, I love it :slight_smile: Something entertaining that also showcases my skills. Great advice!

I do have a YouTube channel, and it’s generally live captures of my art streams, but I could certainly add some more videos showcasing these skills. I do have podcasting experience, actually, so I should link to the videos.

It’s about time to dredge up my LinkedIn account. It’s terribly outdated.
Thanks for the thoughtful advice @kilianotte

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