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How to build up my response time

how to build up my response time.

with a quick response time :slight_smile:


I guess the only effective way is when you receive a message reply back with in 1 hour. But I am open to suggestions if some one has one please.

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I have no idea. Yesterday I had a 100% response rate, and today I’m down to 67%, yet I have had no messages. I think it’s always glitching. I wish they would just remove it.


Here is an addition that the one and only way that can help you build your response rate 100% is to replying messages within one hour or less. There isn’t any option to you without responding quick.

Don’t be worry. Stay active on Fiverr and wait with patience for your next buyers message. You should reply that message and your rate will increase.

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Reply your inbox messages quickly.


Didn’t you read my message? I said I had no messages, yet my percentage considerably dropped down, for no reason at all.

Maybe there was a spam message which was flagged by Fiverr system so you were not able to reply.

It is the best to reply within 24 hours to have a high response rate.

Needless to say that there is a third option. Bug report. I too had a low rate and I didn’t miss any msg so I contacted Fiverr support and they set it to 100%.

You can Use Fiverr Mobile Applications for it :+1:

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Response Time Depends on how fast you respond to the first message received from any client. The only thing to keep in mind is that the only the first response is worth here. Later you may respond late to the queries as it’s not going to effect your response time.
Hope that was helpful. Thanks

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My secret to maintaining a 100% response time is:

  1. Using my email application ( gmail ) in my phone every 15 minutes when I am awake
  2. Replying to fiverr messages almost immediately through Fiverr mobile app
  3. Atleast saying that “I will get back to you in xx minutes” if I am doing something really important than my work!
  4. Keeping my mind focused on it while doing the above!

Thanks. Its perfect . :+1: