How to calculate the Average selling price?


Hi everyone,

i have a question .
can any one tell me how can we calculate the average selling price?
i try to calculate it but i can’t understand the way of calculation the average selling price.



Hi Das,

Your average selling price is available on this page:


hi thanks for your help,

but i want to know how it is working or how to calculate


If you don’t want to just look at the stats page where it’s done for you, you add up the prices and divide by the number of orders.
You might have to take off fiverr’s revenue if it’s not just a straightforward calculation. Depending on the timing of the calculation (i.e. at the start of the order, or at the end) you might need to add in cancelled orders for which you got more revenue.

EDIT: Why do you want to do this? If you’re interested in a particular average for your own purposes then just ignore Fiverr’s stats and create your own.


I guess it is simple Mathematics… it is total revenue divided by total number of orders…


i just casually want to know the way


but i try it already it doesn’t work