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How to calculate the "Order Completion Rate"?


I would like to know how the “Order Completion Rate” is calculated currently? Let’s say I have completed around 33 orders for the last 60 days & have canceled 1 order. In that what will be the calculation or what % of Order Completion Rate will I have?

It seems that Fiverr is not calculating in a general way.


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Around 33 or exactly 33?
What’s the % according to Fiverr?

It’s exactly 33. I haven’t cancelled any orders yet so I don’t know the percentage according to Fiverr. But according to my previous experience it seems that Fiverr is not calculating in a general way. 5 months ago I cancelled 1 order & my Order Completion Rate came down to 85% directly from 100%.
So I am trying to know how Fiverr calculates the Order Completion Rate.

To be honest, I don’t know, primarily my rate came below 70%, few days later came below 50%. But no order taken within this time. After few more days, everything went green. Out of mind man :rofl:

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Go to your analytics page, % will be shown there.
It can easily be 85% with just 1 cancellation. It depends on how many were delivered

It’s normal, it 60 days form today so it will change over time

:joy: Yeah, it’s really annoying. I am currently trying to figure out how Fiverr calculates the order completion rate. :pensive:

Thanks. So you are saying that Fiverr is calculating the order completion rate in a general way? Like if 100 orders were made and 10 of them are canceled over the last 60 days then the Order Completion Rate will be 90%?

Yes. Haven’t seen any issues with that so far

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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Fiverr order cancellation calculate

number of orders = Y
Y - cancellations = X

X/Y = order completion rate

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In the past 60 days:
33 orders
1 cancellation
32 completed orders.

So, your completion rate is:


Another example:
33 orders
3 cancellation
30 completed orders.

So, your completion rate is:


Thank you. :slight_smile:

Though the 97% and 91% would be the “completion rate” not really the “cancellation rate”.

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Fiverr doesn’t count the cancellation rate but the completion rate.
I Will change my first message because I made a mistake.