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How to cancel a buyer request?

As I am new to fiverr, I had sent tons of buyer request but unfortunately got no response from their side and its been a while I did that so what I would like to do now is to cancel those request as I am planning on editing my gig. So what is the procedure to do that ?

NB: I have tried all the possible things that I thought will work but none of them worked for it.


You cannot cancel offers you made to Buyer Requests.


U are talking abt offers which u sent to buyers, not request. Usually buyers contact before placing an order. If anyone contacts you, tell him/her that you may give a better custom offer to him/her.

@vickiespencer somewhere I have read that it can be cancelled and as I have offered the buyer for a no time limit so buyer can accept that offer at any time.

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Maybe @lloydsolutions or @imagination7413 know where that is.


Custom orders made in the messaging system can be withdrawn. Offers made to Buyer’s Requests (at the time of this post) cannot.


Thank you for the valuable information @imagination7413

and thank you @vickiespencer for your kind help.

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