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How to cancel an order when delivery is not what I ordered and Customer Support does not answer

Need some help and advice. Fiverr Customer Support never answers. I have been cleared 189USD for something which is unusable and I did not order at the first place. The seller is 2 level seller highly rated and told he understood what are my requirements but eventually delivered very low quality content. My order was made on 26.07.15 and final delivery 20.08.15 without attachment. The seller did not write the e-book based on the material I gave to him, the unusable delivery was late and modification delivery was without attachment. And now the order is marked clear and 189USD has been cleared. I have contacted Customer Support through resolution centre during last weeks several times but never got any feedback.

I have made many tickets…

It shows the status it is ready and delivered. I can not ask for any modifications. It came back as empty modification. Then I rejected it, asked for cancellation, the cancellation was rejected and now it shows delivered. And I paid for this 180USD which I have nothing to do and which is unusable. In every e-shop you have refund if the quality is not acceptable but not in Fiverr :frowning:

Have you tried cancelling it again?

Sending many tickets to Customer Support will only slow things down. Or, worse, they could block you.

I you still faces problem to cancel order… you submit new request “Customer Support” for solve this problem… i think its batter for you…

Your order needs to be force cancelled and only fiverr admin can do that. If you already have a support ticket open add to it with other information. Obviously this is a seller who has taken the money and run. It also took almost a month to deliver which is unacceptable. IN the case of an ebook, I believe it should be delivered in stages rather than one delivery. In your support ticket make sure you have told fiverr admin the order number. If it’s more than 48 hours after you submitted the ticket, add to the ticket. I’ve also had many tickets go unanswered. Support is basically all scripted. If there is not way to answer without a pre-set script they won’t answer. Take into account that fiverr is run out Telaviv Israel.

Just go to order page and click on resolution center and send him reason and cancellation request.

Reply to @laneman: but quality not being acceptable is perception based when it comes to art. So you can just say “I don’t like it” I want a refund. That being said if you sent Customer support copies of exact instructions you gave the seller than that is different if they actually didn’t do the job.

Is this something the seller does all the time in their gig, they write full e-books?

And give it time for customer support to get back to you, it can take a few days.