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How to cancel an order when the seller doesn't want to


I wanted to find someone to help me with an unpublished website. I put in the order without thinking that Fiverr doesn’t allow people to write their emails. The seller asked for credentials, which I didn’t know what they were. So the communication went from bad to worst. Yesterday, I wanted to cancel the order, but the seller doesn’t want to do that. I have tried many times, but the seller is in contact with me. I want this person to stop. How do I cancel an order without the Seller? I am going to give him a bad review for not cancelling, even though the communication issues were at my end?


Go to customer support, they can solve the issue

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Login credentials. They asked you to send them username and password they could use to work on your site.

A cancellation would harm their account and their business on Fiverr. Not your problem, I know; I just thought you might to know why the seller refuses.

Customer Support can do that for you. You might need to wait for their response, though; they’re understaffed and getting too many tickets.

Reviews can be left only on completed orders. Once the order is cancelled, you won’t be able to leave a review.