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How to cancel my order which won't effect my ratings and profile?

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I got an order for Facebook Ads and I have completed the work correctly but due to Facebook policy the face mask ads are banned for a while due to pandemic. Now I want to refund my buyers money back as his concern is not achieved and I feel bad charging him as his work is not completed not my fault but its a Facebook’s policy and even I choose a sneaky way to run the ad they might ban my clients ads account. So please guide me how should I do the cancellation which will not effect my ratings.

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You are cancelling because you cannot provide the service you advertised to the buyer. You should have checked out Facebook’s policies when you found out the add was for face masks. You will have to cancel the order and take the hit on your ratings I’m afraid.


is order completed or pending ??

If you choose to offer a refund, it WILL affect your ratings. There are no ways to get around the way Fiverr works. Your choice to refund this order, is your choice to accept the results of that cancellation.


Send him the offer to cancel with the choice Seller is unable to do the job. It will affect your ratings but it might not be as bad as you think.
We all have to cancel sometimes.

Thank you everyone:)

However I never advertised him this service it was on his request. And I find it out later. The ad ran for one time with different image and Facebook said the Image should be updated.

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