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How to cancel order if the seller doesn't want to cancel it

Hello everyone, I am new here, I have some questions as a buyer regarding order cancellation. Few days ago I ordered a gig for Facebook marketing (please see as attached picture).

So the story is the seller asked for my Facebook login etc so eventually I gave it to him, he created 1 campaign and 1 ad, using MY old ad content, target audience is what I told him what my target preferences is (that means I told him 5 he insert 5 without him doing the research). What I did not receive is 2 more ad setup, ad copy, audience research etc.

He delivered the order in just an hour, when i saw the ad he created I am in total disappointment, then when I talked to him about it he just kept pushing me to accept the delivery which makes me disbelief what I’ve encountered. I told him I will pay him for the 1 ad cost (which I think to being fair to him) rather than 3 ads costing me $100. That’s a lot of money to me. And yes he is forcing me to accept the delivery.

Please advise me. I tried to cancel the order buy seller kept rejecting my request, I’ve contacted customer support but there is no response from them. So the question is does the order automatically accepted by the system after the promised delivery date? Does that means my $100 goes down the drain? I feel like I am being scammed. :sob:


you can request for modification on the order and tell the seller that either he can create the 2 additional ads and all the things that were included in the gig you ordered
or cancel the order

no one can force you to approve the order

You request a revision through the system?
If yes then your order will be in the revision mode and wouldn’t autocomplete.
Do not accept or let the order be automatically completed unless you received everything as per gig description.
Your seller is breaking rules by not delivering everything what’s promised in his gig and can receive a warning for that if you reach out to support.
If he promised 3 ads he has to create 3 ads.


There is no way for one sided cancellation, You better wait for fiverr CS to look into this matter.
Meanwhile keep rejecting delivery every time seller deliver you order unless he deliver what was promised !

Marketing is not based on whether you like the advert anywhere near so much as results. Most of the adverts I see (that I am told work) offend me on a deep level (like the current Fiverr ad where us freelancers are cast as weirdos worthy only of distain). But they work so…

Nonetheless, this does seems like the seller has not necessarily done all they agreed to at the start so you can decline cancellation and ask for them to complete what was initially agreed.

I would be wanting to ask them why they aren’t doing that already. Maybe there is a problem.


@sharonsasha87 No worries at all. You can send order cancellation request and state the issue as " I didn’t receive what I ordered ". Even the order marked as completed Fiverr customer support will cancel the order. Sit back and relax!

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