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How to cancel order placed by mistake from buyer? Please respond

Hi, I am a seller and today a buyer has placed an order by mis take and he want to dispute it but I don’t wanna cancel it. Can you please guide me about that? How can I contact customer support to resolve this issue? Shall be grateful to you.:pleading_face:


if he sends you the cancel request, you just decline that dispute or if you can’t you should go for support on the Fiverr support community & tell them your problem,
I hope they can solve your problem


What should I do?
Contact customer support after declined or before decline to dispute?

at first decline the dispute after try to convince of your buyer . If he convinced that’s better or go to the fiverr support & make a complain for that buyer

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If Buyer place an order by mistake you should accept his dispute or send him/her cancel request because you can’t force buyer to create things they don’t need. Hope you understand
Be positive and be hopeful you will get more orders in future.

Thank you


It’s not a solution for scammers.

You can’t force buyer dear, you don’t have any other choice but yes you can block/report him/her as scammer. you just need to go to his/her profile page and block/report so he/she can’t contact or place an order in future.

if buyer placed it by mistake you have to accept dispute and cancel order…even if you go to customer support for this, they wont help you and their answer would be same that they cant force buyer to carry on with order…
so better accept dispute and let that buyer go !

Do you know how much time CS take to respond? As I have told them an issue
Waiting for response…:sleepy:


This is Fiverr CS, you have to wait for full 48 hours :blush:

they usually come back to you in 24 hours :wink: some time yes 48 hours too but most of time they came back to me quick !

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Order has been cancelled from customer support. But response rate went down…
Why this Happened as I have told them everything… What should I do now for correction of my response rate. Please guide me shall be grateful…

response rate is different thing that should not happen by cancelling order…this would be ORDER COMPLETION rate, whoever cancel or whatever the reason this rate goes down on cancelling !
You cant do anything and bring that back quick, what this would be reset to 100% after a month or so, not 100% sure about time period but yes try not to cancel any other order in next 1 month and this will come up back :slight_smile:

Response rate and completion rate two different thing. If you respond other buyer’s message on time then it’ll increase, it’s not a problem.

Fiverr CS take 24 to 48 hours but sometime they get back to you quickly.

If seller cancel order it will effect on your gig more. and if you cancel order cancellation rate will decrease little bit.