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How to cancel order without any bad effect to my rating or fiverr account


Hi I am a level 2 seller. I am joined to fiverr one years ago.I am mostly doing Professional Business Flyer creating. My Rating is 100%. but 2 days ago some buyer ordered my gig for party or Musical show flyer. But I don’t create this type of flyer. I am send first message to him “I do not create this type flyers please cancel this gig”. But he doesn’t cancel this gig yet. He send only message to ok. I am send message to him requesting order cancellation to more than 5 times. But He send message again OK. but He does not cancel this gig. what can I do for this case. gig completed time frame is now 2 days 6 hours.

Please help me to solve this?




I guess you can request a mutual cancellation initiated from your behalf?


Thanks a lot @exilegraphics and @madmoo


I don’t cancel orders in previously by my side.