How to cancel order without cancellation rating up


Hi there,
One buyer get order and there has no any details for order and he ask only cancel it. can you please tell me there has any way to cancel like this orders without rating up. cuase it can be harm to my gigs and level. please help me to this. this is not my side issue. it is buyer ordered without he don’t want service. please help me…


Unfortunately, there’s no way to cancel without affecting your cancellation rate. It’s an unfortunate flaw of the current system that will hopefully be fixed in the future.


ohh thank you very much…so my rate can be up…sad to here this. thank you for your kindly reply…hope this cancel method be fix fair soon…


Yup As @somaginer1996 Said you can cancel order without affecting cancellation rate
Hope fiverr will fix this soon for mistakenly placed orders


Thank you very much…


Hi @maxphotomaster Cancellation will be effected on your profile. But I will suggest you please try to “Mutual cancellation” .
it will be better for your Fiverr profile.

Happy Fiverr Freelancing :slight_smile:


I too believe so…mutual cancellation is better.


Thank you for believing @design_palace


Mutual cancellation is best way. Try to communicate with buyer and tell to buyer cancel from their end.


Thank you all for your kindly replies… I did mutual cancellation.But completion ratings down and canellation rating up…


@rocks_design can you please tell me what is Mutual Cancellation?


Please review below article from Fiverr help.

Mutual Cancellations: This is one way to resolve an order that both parties can’t agree on. If a Buyer doesn’t respond within 2 days of a seller initiating a Mutual Cancellation, the Gig is automatically canceled.
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