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How to cancel order?


How do you cancel an order??? I can’t come up with ideas for a certain buyer, so we want to cancel it by mutual agreement.


Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll find the resolution centre on the order page (top right). From there you can cancel the order.

Be aware though that every cancellation counts against your completion rate.


ok so I have this Customer to whom I already delivered the order and it was automatically completed. Now he wants to get the money back and I don’t know how it works. Any idea?


How did you deliver if you couldn’t come up with ideas?

Anyway, after the order was marked as complete, I think that the only way to cancel it is to ask Customer Support to do it.


Well I did deliver the work yes, actually I did 3 samples


but the buyer left the order to be completed, and he asked the money back afterwards


I already put a request to Customer Support


All right, then you can only wait for them to cancel the order.


perfect thank you for your help